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Located between Opuwo and the Epupa Falls, just 40 km north west of Opuwo, the Omungunda Camping Site offers a great spot to rest for travellers. You will feel right away at home. Away from the lights and sounds of the City. Right in the nature. Look at the Sunrise, the Sunset, the night sky and listen to the Sound of the Wildlife. Take a tour to the surrounding area to see the rock paints from the 16th century and the biggest accessible Baobab tree in the Kunene Region. Or just enjoy yourself.

The story of the Camping Site

This text is from a close friend of John:

"The owner of the Campground ist Rimunikavi Tjipurua, but he is known as John, see the picture underneath. He is from a traditional Himba Village in Namibias North West, close to Opuwo. John is totally committed to help his people. His vision is to educate vulnerable children and orphan as well as teach young Himba women do be more independent. His aim also is to show young people how they should plan their life with no criminal activities. He wants to promote the importance of human rights.

At the age of 14 years he cleared part of some land his uncle gave to him to create a spot for him and his siblings to live. He learned of tourism growing in the area and people being interested in the traditional life of the interesting Himba people. So John learned English and worked as a Himba guide showing foreigners how his people in simple villages live their traditional life. However, he soon realized that this was not working, neither for the Himba, who were disturbed by the visitiors, nor for the tourists, who felt uneasy as they intruded into the Himbas routine of life and privacy. His idea and solution to this problem was a living Himba Museum. See more at the Homepage of the "LivingCultureFoundation/Namibia".

A further dream of John was to create from the land he got from his uncle and the Community a camp ground. He created out of nothing with his bare hands, a pick and a shovel a camping site which he improved a lot over the years. John and his team managed to work hard on their dream and built a new reception, a toilet and shower and he never gave up to upgrade the place with an electrical solar system and Wifi. Always keeping in mind to look after his family and his friends and even more people in need.

John never complains and he is full of joy and new ideas. But now, with Covid19, there is no income any more from the Living Museum nor from the Camping Site. But we believe that as soon as this situation is over the visitors return to this amazing place. "

John Rimunikavi Tjipurua

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Please contact the Omungunda Camping site directly for any inquiries or wishes for an individual tour:
John Rimunikavi Tjipurua
+264 81 838 25 56