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Omungunda Camping Site
Mbumbijazo Avenue
Opuwo, Namibia

John Rimunikavi Tjipurua
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Welcome to the region of Kunene situated in the  north western part of Namibia. The Omungunda Camping Site is 40 Kilometers from Opuwo, the lively Maintown of this District with a population of about 7'500.

Opuwo is 700 kilometers north west of Windhoek. In Herero it means "the end" or "that is enough". On the first sight this name seems to be the right one. On the second sight when you look around you will be astonished from the unbelievable landscapes, the panorama view,  the endless desert roads, the colours and the culture. Scroll down for pictures and some more information about what you can experience in this great region.

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Kaokoveld is a beautiful region in the northwestern part of Namibia. Kaokoland is bordered by two rivers, the Hoanib river to the south and the perennial Kunene river that also marks the border between Namibia and Angola  This region spans a vast 115'000 km2 and boasts some breathtaking landscapes. The Kaokoveld is a dream destination for every photographer or intrepid traveler who wants to visit this still relatively untouched and unspoiled region to hike the wide expanse of  mountains, experience the cultures of the exquisite Himba tribes and walk along the ancient dried riverbeds. The Epupa Falls with its multiple waterfalls and the Kunene river are a lovely counterbalance to the rugged Otjihipa Mountains mountains and vast open spaces.  A traveler will be able to see oryxes, kudus, springboks, ostriches, giraffes and mountain zebras.  Looking up at  the star studded night skies in Namibia is an experience one cannot forget.

The Omungunda Camping Site is a good place to stay when you would like to enjoy this beautiful region. Ask the stuff for some further information or tips.


The Ovahimba (Himba)

Since ancient times , Kaokoveld has been the home of this magnificent tribe that gives us a glimpse into times and cultures that disappeared long ago in most parts of the world. The Himba have been able to maintain the way of life of their ancestors: They still live in their round huts surrounded by their herds and quite isolated from civilisation. They still wear their traditional clothes and hairstyles which are both striking and beautiful. They are recognisable everywhere. Meeting this interesting and friendly people is a highlight of each trip to Namibia. However, it is also important to keep in mind that as a visitor one has to understand the basic rules of respect and consideration. One of the points to respect is only to enter a village after an invitation. 

At the Omungunda Camping Site the traveler will learn about the Himba in depth, their ways of social interaction, rules of conduct and their daily rituals because the camp is organised and run by the Himba. The camp in turn will be happy to organise a trip to a traditional Himba village for you and help translate during interactions in the traditional villages. Come and see the traditional tribes and what Omungunda Camp has to offer.

The Kunene River and the Epupa Falls

Although Kaokoland is quite dry it boasts some beautiful perennial rivers and gushing falls.The 1'200 km long Kunene river originates in Angola and drops into a 40 meter deep gorge close to the little town of Epupa. The Epupa Falls are a majestic series of waterfalls  that are situated in a beautiful, unspoiled area with fig trees, baobabs and makalani trees growing along the sides

The Omungunda Camping Site organises daily trips to the great Epupa Falls. Ask them for more details.

The Ovahimba Living Museum

The Ovahimba Living Museum is a place where you can interactively experience the traditional culture of the Ovahimba. The Museum acts as a traditional school for guests and for the children of the own community alike and at the same time it is an income generating institution.

The Museum is strategically located between the Ovahimba capital Opuwo and the paradisiac Epupa Falls at the Kunene River in the north of Namibia.

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